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Monday, January 14, 2013

Matthew Update!

September 17th started the latest bout of hospitalizations, tests, and appointments to determine why Matthew was having severe pain and voiding issues.  To bring you up to date, initially a very small kidney stone was found on CT.  This was not the source of pain or issues because it was still located in the upper  pole of his right kidney. 

After months of tests it was finally determined that he has polyuria (over production of urine) and his little urinary system was having a hard time keeping up with the output.  He was told at first to drink ALOT to flush the stone but this has since been changed.  His nephrologist ordered another ultrasound to look at the structure of both the left and right kidney.  Even though the right kidney is his "good" kidney, there is still some scarring and blockages in it as well.  The good news is the ultrasound looked great!  Both kidneys are working beautifully and the retraining of his bladder muscles is paying off.  There was no residual urine that is hiccuping back into the kidneys.  The best news is the small kidney stone has disappeared.  So thankful it dissolved without any complications of him trying to pass it.

All in all, good news.  We continue regular follow ups with his nephrologist and urologist and pray that all stays stable for a very long time!  Now we are back to focusing on the important work of education and advocacy for blood pressure screens in children.  It could save the life of a child you love!

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