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Sunday, September 22, 2013

First School Screening of the New Year!

The National Pediatric Blood Pressure Awareness Foundation is a passionate pursuit by each and every person that makes the selfless decision to volunteer in our efforts. I am so happy to say that with the amazing help and professionalism by one of the finest groups of registered nursing students we were able to conduct our first school screening of the 2013/2014 school year.

We were privileged enough to work with an elementary school and screen 41 of their first grade students.  Four of the students were found to be out of range for their age, gender, and weight.  Because of the free screenings we were able to provide the school nurse was able to identify the students that should have additional follow up with both their parents and a health care provider.  99% of the students we screened had never had their blood pressure taken before.

What does that statistic say about the state of healthcare in the United States?  We are still failing our children in the efforts to combat conditions that are plaguing children much earlier than in years past.

We should not get wrapped up in the fact that this is an "obesity only" issue.  It is not!  Through the free community screenings that we have been able to do in the past, nearly all of the children we have identified as out of range has been of average weight.

Just another important reminder to parents.....KYKN, KNOW YOUR KID'S NUMBERS!  And a reminder to healthcare providers, please be proactive in providing blood pressure assessments as part of routine well child care.  The lives of our children depend on it!