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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why Is It So Important?

On occasion I have posed the question to myself, "Why is blood pressure awareness for kids so important?"  As always, I remind myself of the answer.  Because it can save the life of a child!  If someone would have told me 5 1/2 years ago that all children need blood pressure screens I would have been the first parent at the pediatrician's office asking for it.  Instead I watched my little boy take on the biggest battle of his little life.  It has been a most challenging few years with alot of education and understanding.  There still, however, seems to be so much more that needs to be done.  The overwhelming feeling of needing to protect other mommies from the pain and worried I endured drives me each and every day to spread this message. 
The NPBPAF ( has made some of the most amazing strides since our inception in 2010.  We have provided free blood pressure screenings to over 1,700 children.  The education and awareness that has been given to parents and other community members numbers in the 1,000's.  The positive outcomes we are seeing from healthcare providers in the way they approach annual screenings has been tremendous.  More and more physicians are incorporating routine bp screens for all of their pediatric patients.
Today is a new day.  Today marks another change in history.  Regardless of whether your candidates were winners or losers I send a personal challenge to each and every parent.  Ask yourself this simple question......Do I know my kids numbers?  If you don't make it a point to learn them.  It could save the life of a child. 
The motto of the NPBPAF has always been this, KYKN......KNOW YOUR KID'S NUMBERS!